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Food Grade Adhesive

Bhiwadi Polymers ltd. food safe epoxy adhesives are developed mistreatment office approved raw materials. These adhesives comply with CFR 175.105 and 175.300 as well as EU Plastics Regulation 10/2011, a sub-section of the European Framework Regulation EU 1935/2004. They are ideal for bonding and sealing food contact appliances & equipment. 2-Part epoxy adhesives supply a fast and simple means of bonding a good kind of substrates as well as, metals, composites, ceramics, glass. They cure to create a high strength rigid solid that is non-porous and may be simply clean. they provide glorious resistance to water, food, improvement fluids, and heat.

We square measure usually asked for food safe adhesives that square measure completely different chemistries than epoxy, like or cyanoacrylate. The term food safe and food grade could have a distinct aiming to some individuals however typically, individuals requesting food safe adhesives, expect them to be developed solely with raw materials listed within the bureau Code of Federal Regulations one hundred seventy five.105 and one hundred seventy five.300. The ingredients to formulate ultraviolet or Cyanoacrylate aren't listed within the code.

Bhiwadi Polymers ltd Food Safe Epoxy Features & Benefits :-

  • Good environmental sturdiness
  • Excellent shock and impact resistance
  • Gap filling merchandise offered
  • Bond a good style of substrate materials
  • Easy to use from twin cartridge
  • High level of toughening
  • High shear strength and high peel strength
  • Contains no solvents or diluents
  • Convenient handling
    Food Grade Adhesive
    Food Grade Adhesive Manufacturers
    Food Grade Adhesive Manufacturers
    Food Grade Adhesive